Thursday, March 19, 2009

Conflicted about My Kids

I am in a real quandary here, folks, and I need some help. It involves a couple of my children.

First, my oldest son, Matt, has just gotten an offer letter from MIT. They are giving him a full ride scholarship and a generous stipend to go to MIT and be a masters/doctoral student for the next few years and to be a research assistant.

That is all well and good, of course, but I have a real issue with this. It's the M in MIT. It stands for Massachusetts and is in the Boston area. Boston, as you may well know, is the source of all evil in the world - home of the Boston Red Sox.

Can I support my son as he moves to Babylon, to the seat of world evil? It is a tough choice.

Now, my youngest son, Ben, also presents me with a difficult choice. When he came to me as a freshman and said, "I'm quitting basketball next year to concentrate on Show Choir" - I gave him his freedom - ignoring the knife in my back. It worked out pretty well, getting him a full-ride music scholarship.

But next week, he is performing at Morningside College in a night of OPERA. Yes, folks, I said OPERA!

Here's the question: am I expected, as a father, to attend a night of opera music to support my son. I sat through hours and hours of show choir. Haven't I done enough?

Someone, please, give me some good advice.

Some YouTubes of Ben

Here are some videos of Ben performing. I wish I knew how to put these things in here, but these are links to YouTube videos

His solo in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

His performance in "Les Mis" which won the banner (state championship) in musical theatre - this is a practice performance, but its the only one I've got. He's in the gray pants and black shirt - the narrator at the beginning and first soloist.

Soloist on this one is Matt Walker, but Ben is mugging and dancing. I just loved the dance sequences, so it goes up here.

Here, he's Corny Collins in "Nicest Kids in Town" in East High Headliners, his show choir.